The author includes the following special warning since very little exists in the English language that keenly details the life, work, spiritual “groups, schools, movements and institutes” of Samael Aun Weor, partially because the majority of Weor’s followers originally came from South America and Mexico. Additionally, a warning is warranted because his notoriety has recently begun to grow in the United States. In recent years, more than a few English language websites have been springing up (Glorian Publishing in particular), as well as online courses and free lectures, all presenting the teachings of Weor, but at the same time disguising their connection to the man. However, in the Spanish-speaking world, the name Samael Aun Weor is often synonymous with the words: Gnostic, Gnostic group, Gnostic movements and Gnosticism. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to explain why this individual cannot be said to be representative of the entire Gnostic movement and why it is dangerous to consider him to be thus connected to this noble tradition.

Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia [1] begins their main page about Weor as follows: “Samael Aun Weor (March 6, 1917 – December 24, 1977), born Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, was a spiritual teacher and author of over sixty books of esoteric spirituality.” He was born in Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Republic of Colombia.

Several issues have plagued this modern movement, the most serious of which is that it is claimed that Samael Aun Weor plagiarized all or almost all of his books, but also that he made outrageous claims about his spiritual status, and financially abused his students.

Wikipedia continues by stating: “Few details of his life are known between the mid-1930s and 1950 … In 1956, he left Colombia and went to Costa Rica and El Salvador. Later in 1956, he settled down for good in Mexico City, where he would begin his public life.”

While in interviews, he portrayed himself as a humble and unassuming individual, he also spoke about incidents in his life which if true would be astounding. For example, once again, included in the Wikipedia article, it states: “On October 27, 1954, Aun Weor received what is referred to as the ‘Initiation of Tiphereth’, which, according to his doctrine, is the beginning of the incarnation of the Logos or ‘Glorian’ within the soul. He states that in his case the name of his Glorian has always been called ‘Samael’ through the ages. From then on, he would sign his name Samael Aun Weor. Thus, he states that this union of Samael (the Logos) with Aun Weor (the human soul) is the Maitreya Buddha Kalki Avatar of the New Age of Aquarius.”

Wikipedia carries on its consideration of the man: “He founded numerous Gnostic Institutions and created Gnostic centers in Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela. Although he never formally received any income from his works - he lived off the charity of his students - at the 1976 International Gnostic Congress Samael Aun Weor clarified his stance on the copyright of his works by stating:

Now, my dear friends and forever, I renounce, have renounced and will go on renouncing copyrights. My only wish is that these books be sold at a low price, affordable to the poor, affordable to all the children of God. I wish that even the poorest, most destitute citizen be able to obtain these books with the few pennies he carries in his pocket... Whosoever wants to publish them let him publish, for the benefit of diseased mankind.”

However, it appears that the real reason that he renounced copyrights was his awareness of his plagiarism and the fact that he would be subjected to numerous court cases involving infringement of copyright (brought by the original authors and publishers of the various books from which Weor copied). Rather than go through the public humiliation of being found guilty of multiple counts of plagiarism, he decided to make it appear that he was performing a great act of charity by giving his books away for free. Also, little information is provided regarding exactly how Weor “lived off the charity of his students.”

Wikipedia explains the specific charges against the man and the response of governmental authorities to his church: “As of 11 February 1984 or thereabouts, the Ministry of Tenerife, Spain, denied incorporation to Samael Aun Weor's Universal Christian Gnostic Church of Spain operating from 38 San Francisco Street, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, on the grounds that said organization is not a legitimate church as it does not have any record of incorporation as such in any country whatsoever.

In 1990 (after numerous consultations with high-ranking members of the Roman Catholic Church and other figures who prefer to remain anonymous such as lawyers, public prosecutors, psychiatrists and psychologists) Pilar Salarrullana who has been a political figure since 1974 and is considered an expert on sects, published Las Sectas (The Sects: a living testament to Messianic terror in Spain) which became a best-seller with six editions the first year alone and in spite of its popularly inquisitorial tone, it denounces the Gnostic Movements among others as some of the most dangerous anti-social plagues in Spain.” [2]

However, Wikipedia is not the only source claiming that there are severe criticisms that have been leveled against Weor. Mario Ignacio García Vives in his article, Samael Aun Weor. Master of Plagiarism. False Gnosis, published on Monday, 12 April 2010, remarks, “Samael's works, such as Fundamental Education, are full of quotes without quotation marks and without citing the source of the book.” In his article, Vives quotes numerous examples in which Weor plagiarizes the works of the great esotericists P.D. Ouspensky and George Ivanovich Gurdjieff:

“The fact is that something that Samael gives as a personal investigation, is taken from a Gurdjieff tale. Some will say: ‘Perhaps, Samael, seeing that Gurdjieff's tales were real, quoted them in their entirety in his works.’ What happens is that the terms used in this book by Gurdjieff are invented by Gurdjieff. That is to say, words that would seem to come from an Atlantean past, or from a sacred language, were invented by Gurdjieff around 1940, when he wrote his book: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson. We could extend through several sheets showing themes from Samael's works that are taken from those authors. The comic part of the case is that Samael's anthropological research is almost all taken from Gurdjieff's books. From the fact that monkeys come from man, to the names of cities and the Atlantean continents (Perlandia, Maralplecie, Grabonzi, etc.). So, my question is this: Why if Samael was the avatar, the messenger of the new age, the ‘cosmic postman,’ etc., the message he brought to humanity, had already been delivered by Gurdjieff 40 years earlier? We should know that Gurdjieff had been instructing his groups in Russia since 1915.”

The complete article by Vives is too long to quote in its entirety, however to the author’s knowledge it is still available on the internet. The author will make available copies of the entire article, translated into English, for purposes of authentic academic research to professors who desire to study it in detail. A copy of the original Spanish article can be found, as of this writing, at:


Vives specifically mentions several books from which Weor plagiarized: “The Revolutionary Psychology is based on the work Psychology of the Possible Evolution of Man, by Ouspensky.

Gnostic Theurgy is taken from the book Dogma and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi, with slight deformations.

The parts added to The Perfect Matrimony in its second version are almost entirely taken from Ouspensky's book A New Model of the Universe. The three types of sexuality are taken from there, for example.

Even the dogma of evolution, which bothers Samael so much and which he believes to thwart, he had actually read from the work we have just quoted by Ouspensky.

The Kabbalah is taken from the work of Dion Fortune, called The Mystical Kabbalah, obviously to which he makes corrections that only he, Samael, understands by errors.

That is, Samael was a good compiler, with the defect that the key that includes the quotation marks did not exist in his typewriter...”

Vives then calls attention to a most serious matter. While Weor and now his followers place great weight upon the fact that he did not charge money for his books [without mentioning that he was receiving huge donations from his followers], it is a serious problem that he, Weor, bestowed upon himself numerous titles.

“Then we also see that all the titles he attributes to himself are ‘Self-titled.’ We have the Avatar, Patriarch of the Gnostic Church, The Prophet of the New Age, Buddha Maitreya, Arch Angel Regent of Mars, Arch Angel of the Sun, etc.”

It is a very grave error in spiritual practice to give oneself a title. Traditionally, titles are always bestowed upon students by their spiritual masters.

Vives then makes some salient points: “If we take into account that Samael did not deliver any ‘new message,’ who is the avatar?”

Regarding his claim to be the Patriarch of the Gnostic Church, the author will again quote from Vives,

“The Patriarchate of Samael. If we analyze Samael's Patriarchate, many doubts will appear. Here we have to deal with the ignorance of the Gnostic student body, but well, we have to continue... First of all, we must know that the Gnostic church referred to by Samael is that of Krumm-Heller. This church was founded in France in 1890. Krumm-Heller was anointed bishop in it in 1929. When he was in Colombia, in 1928, founding the Rosicrucian Fraternity, Víctor Gómez (Samael), was only 11 years old, hardly Krumm-Heller had named as successor a child of 11 years old, who did not even belong to his school, since Samael says to have entered it more or less at 18 years old. The other reason why he could not have been named successor is because Krumm did not belong to the Gnostic Church at that time.”

One more example of the absurd titles that Weor gave himself that Vives discusses in his article is the following:

“The Buddha Maitreya. Supposedly Maitreya is that Buddha who will unite the teachings of the East with those of the West. How is it possible that we come to believe that Samael is Maitreya, when he did not unite any teachings? All that he mentions about the East is taken from books of various authors, fundamentally those of Theosophy. In any case, those who had united the East with the West were such authors as Blavatsky, to name but a few.

“In addition, that Gurdjieff, for example, did study in the East, in Tibet more precisely and from there he made his crossing to the West, passing through Russia, founding his Fourth Way schools, etc... We well know that Samael never left Mexico, after having established himself there, by a supposed prohibition of his Divine Mother, arguing that if he left Mexico, he would die. In any case, if he saw India, it was in photographs. Then, how did he unite both parts of the world with his teaching, if everything he taught had been taken from books? As he was already in the West, it means that those who had made such a union, had been the books.

“With all these hard facts we begin to doubt the authenticity of Samael. It was here that we saw, as has already been said, that his works had been composed on the basis of the books of other authors, prior to him. We refer to Eliphas Levi, Krumm-Heller, Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, Max Hendel, etc. The fact is that, in order to ensure his supremacy, Samael attacks the great majority of them in his works and many times, making affirmations and criticisms, on subjects he never understood... Always, when he goes to correct some of his Masters, Samael attacks them, in order to remain in superiority to them and to be able to argue easily against them.”

Beware of what is now being called “Samael Gnosis” for it is a false spiritual movement, based on incorrect interpretations and copied books of other authors. Samael Aun Weor not only repeatedly stole entire books from other authors, and gave himself grandiose titles, he frequently made huge errors by contradicting himself from one book to the next. In addition, his books are full of mistakes in which he claims he is quoting from a book which does not exist in the Spanish language, yet faithfully copies down the grammar and spelling errors found in the Spanish language translation. He assumed that his readership was not intelligent enough to catch his deceptions. Everyone can be forgiven for his or her faults, and it is common for authors, musicians, artists and such, not to recall that they saw or read some information in another location and mistakenly think that they themselves had the original idea. However, to be intentionally untrue and to deliberately perpetrate a hoax on the people of his own Latin America background, is a much more severe offence.

Many websites disguise their connection with Samael Aun Weor, and you must click several times to find something that says “About Us” or something similar, to find hidden somewhere in the text that they are adherents to the Samaelian false school.

Wikipedia Talk:Samael Aun Weor/Archive 1 (a section of Wikipedia devoted to discussion and hence various opinions) [3] mentions: “Samael also known as Saklas is the Valentinian "satan" or anti-god known as the Demiurge. Anyone else see the irony? At any rate the followers of Samael, like the Church of the East & Abroad have multiple websites and put their plethora of links in Wikipedia to advertise.”

Wikipedia Talk:Samael Aun Weor/Archive 1 continues: “He claimed to have contacts with aliens he claimed to be a reincarnate Egyptian adept he claimed to be a Tibetan lama he claimed to be the reincarnation of Julius Caesar he claimed to be the 5th angel of the Apocalypse he claimed to be the World Savior of the new Aquarian Age. He also claimed to be working in conjunction with Sri Swami Sivananda and to have personally met with the XIV Dalai Lama Tentzin Gyatso in an extraordinary event, where the Dalai Lama reportedly traveled with his physical body through another dimension and appeared at Samael Aun Weor’s home in Mexico. These reported affiliations with the Dalai Lama and Sivananda remain unconfirmed.”

And finally, “In Spanish (or even Portuguese), Samael works are barely acceptable even if we consider it was written by an eight-year-old child. It seems (to me and to any reasonable person) he gathered a few dozen unusual words from respectable writings – mainly the ones he damned later – and grossly arranged them in a miserably poor text lacking coherence, consistence and (philosophically) sustainable proofs. Furthermore, his style prose-poetry-journalistic-mystic-fictional is way too ‘free’ to fit anyone’s literary taste, what probably makes it so hard to take it seriously.”

In the article entitled, False Messiahs, Prophets and Teachers [4] it states: “Samael Aun Weor, born Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, Colombian citizen and later Mexican, was an author, lecturer and founder of the 'Universal Christian Gnostic Movement', according to him, 'the most powerful movement ever founded'. By 1972, he referenced that his death and resurrection would be occurring before 1978.”

There are many Samael Aun Weor off-shoot groups in the world today, and many offer “free” classes. Sometimes these are disguised as free classes in Buddhist meditation, or with other innocuous sounding names. In addition, there are English online study classes and as already mentioned, many English websites. If you attend a “free class” you can instantly identify that it is a Samael Aun Weor teaching center because they will have a large number of copies of paintings on the walls, but in a prominent place, usually the center, they will have a photo of Weor and often with his titles.

The Cult Education Website’s section entitled “Debunking Samael Aun Weor” addresses his repeated remarks that every human being has 3000 cycles of 108 lives each to realize their inner being. This amounts to a total of 324,000 humanoid existences. After that, all opportunities are lost and the soul/consciousness wanders around the cosmos for all eternity with no knowledge of itself. This is a fear tactic designed to keep one in the cult and trying in vain to make their doctrine work in their lives.

Quoting from the Cult Education Website one reads: “In addition we have the 108 lives which are said (by Samael Aun Weor) to exist in each human cycle in which we are able to gain realization. Very neat and tidy theory. But when the 3000 cycles are found to be based on the imagination of Samael Aun Weor, it becomes clear that the theory of 108 lives exists in order to put the fear of failure in the gnostic people, isolate them from the rest of the world population and keep them in a condition of subservience and dependence to the gnostic movements, churches and institutions and their masters. The 108 lives theory also guarantees, in its fear inducing capacity, the necessity for a savior, a messiah, a redeemer to lead an exodus of qualified souls to a place where they could be safe while the world is being cleansed of negativity. In this case we see the position being filled by Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez who ate every esoteric book he could find, mixed up with his imagination and made a monumental salad. Here is a man who would stop at nothing in his desire to be seen as a spiritual figurehead of great importance. Unfortunately, it has taken a long time for him to be found out. Better late than never though.”

Returning to a more personal account of the dangers of Samaelian schools and philosophy is also taken from the Cult Education Website: “The main reason I left the gnostic movements inspired by Samael Aun Weor is that they took away my personality. I became a drone that had nothing to distinguish me from others. People saw me as a bland, boring, weird person to avoid at all costs. I was shunned by many and I lost some of my best friends because I was encouraged to cut myself off from them. The damage is irreparable in some of those cases. It was so painful to watch as my friends socially developed ahead of me in my teen years (when I joined the gnostic movement bandwagon). I missed some very critical life and social landmark events because I was poisoned by this ideology. During my near decade going through the various gnostic movements, I watched as people wept while they gave up their assets and hobbies (even their jobs) in order to ‘sacrifice themselves for humanity.’ I myself wept as I did things like destroy my video game consoles and movies (or give them away) and even destroyed a huge collection of books I had because they didn’t fit in with the ideas of the Samael gnostic movements. I stopped in the middle of my bachelor’s degree program because I was persuaded by gnostic leaders to not ‘damage my intellect.’ I was lucky to be welcomed back to the program by my professors after years of abandonment. I was lucky to have a lot of support after I left the movements.”

An essential website named CULTBUSTERS GALACTICA [5] is a site exclusively dedicated to discussion of dangerous mind control cults. They provide more information about Samael Aun Weor’s organization and its offshoots:

“He [Weor] even named his 4 children Osiris, Isis and Horus. He had another named Hepatia. Osiris is currently coordinating the "gnostic" groups under Litelantes (his wife whose real name was Arnolda Garro de Gomez) who had passed away. Keep in mind that there are several Samael groupings that splinter off when ‘Samael’ died. They use a progression fear base method of manipulation. When you first join the free lectures, they appear as an innocent spiritual school. But as several months pass, they start increasing their fear rhetoric. Its fearful message repeated over and over again little by little. They also practice some form of sleep deprivation based on the teachings of Gurdjieff. (I would say misinterpretation of Gurdjieff’s teachings.) They claim that ‘Samael’ says people shouldn’t follow him blindly. But at the same time Samael and his followers scorn and place condemnation on those who don’t agree with him.”

It is highly likely that while previously devoutly Catholic countries, such as Mexico, Colombia and other South American countries, did not take much notice of Samael’s views on homosexuality, it is very probable that his groups and groups that have spun-off from these original groups, are going to be the recipients of a great deal of fury, pressure and condemnation for Samael’s antiquated views on homosexuality when his views are read by contemporary English speaking countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain and Australia! The author believes it is best, that in this regard, it is best if this book quotes directly from Samael Aun Weor, so that no mistake can be made regarding his opinions on the subject of human beings he names “degenerates.” The following section is taken from his chapter: “The Seventh Infernal Circle, the Sphere of Saturn” taken from his book Hell, the Devil and Karma (1974) by Samael Aun Weor [6].

“Question: Master, what can you tell us about homosexuals and lesbians do they commit violence against nature?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, your question is indeed quite interesting. It is urgent to comprehend that homosexuals and lesbians inevitably submerge into the seventh Dantesque Saturnian circle, precisely because of the crime of violence against nature. I want you to comprehend that this type of degenerated people—enemies of the Third Logos—are indeed lost cases: seeds that do not germinate.”

Continuing to quote from this book, Samael makes it clear that he views that lesbianism and homosexuality are the outcome of a processed degeneration through preceding lives.

“Question: Master, are lesbians and homosexuals born into the world as such due to the karmic law, or does the engendering of such children have some hereditary relationship? Which one of these two factors predominates?

Samael Aun Weor: I hear this question from the international Gnostic missionary Efrain Villegas Quintero who is visiting us here in the patriarchal headquarters of the Gnostic Movement in Mexico City. Ladies and gentlemen, it is convenient to know that those humanoids who in former lives violently precipitated themselves on the path of sexual degeneration, obviously downwardly devolved from existence to existence in order to finally appear as homosexuals or lesbians, before entering into the infernal worlds. Lesbianism and homosexuality are therefore the outcome of a processed degeneration through preceding lives, a fatal karmic consequence, that is all.”

It is important to spread this information to all sincere spiritual seekers in the United States and English-speaking world, in order to fully understand the primitive and severely puritanical thinking of this ignorant supposedly “spiritual” master. The author will close this section about Samael Aun Weor’s views on homosexuality, with a particularly horrifying passage from Weor’s book Hell, the Devil and Karma on the subject. As you read this, please keep in mind that these are Weor’s opinions about homosexuality written in his own handwriting:

“Nevertheless, it is very difficult for homosexuals and lesbians to have courage, a true longing for betterment. Undoubtedly, they are completely degenerated people, within which certain areas of the brain are no longer active. They are rotten seeds, where it is impossible to find any longing for regeneration.”


• The Samael Religious Cult falls into both the categories of a religious cult and a therapy cult.

• Its founder Samael Aun Weor is self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic and not accountable. (DEAD)

• The Samael Religious Cult uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain its students behavior and beliefs and includes but not limited to:

• Hypnosis - Inducing a state of high suggestibility by hypnosis, often thinly disguised as meditation, repetition of mind-narrowing chants or phrases.

• Metacommunication - Implanting subliminal messages by stressing certain key words or phrases in long, and confusing lectures.

• Group Lingo - Eliminating non-cult ideas through repetition of mind-narrowing phrases repeated by students in conversation, and reading material.

• Confusing Doctrine - Encouraging acceptance and rejection of logic through complex lectures on an incomprehensible doctrine taken in bits and pieces from but not limited to Manly P. Hall, Ouspensky, Blavatsky, Theosophy, Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Gurdjieff, Rosicrucian, Christianity. Students encouraged to hate other Samael Aun Weor Gnostic Cults, but respect all religions and paths.

• Replacement of Relationships - Destroying pre-cult families by arranging cult marriages and 'families' encouraging divorce. To this should be added the fact that Samael taught a form of sexual abstinence as part of his spiritual instruction, in which men could not ejaculate. All advanced spiritual aspirants know that various occult and tantra yoga schools teach the retention of the semen. This is not a new teaching. However, what makes the various offshoot schools of Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez into cults and not bona fide spiritual schools is that first: love between partners and parents is not encouraged, as a person’s mate is chosen for them and second: when these schools want new children to induct into their cult, the leaders of these various offshoots (following the methods originally given by Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez) will tell all the married couples that not only should the man refrain from ejaculation but that the couple should only have sex for the purpose of sexual reproduction when specifically ordered to do so.

In today’s many Samael Aun Weor offshoot groups, they continue his practices of asking you to donate your home to the group (so you can prove you are not attached to it), accepting arranged marriages (as you yourself make poor choices) and not having sexual intercourse (except when the group orders you to do so). Douglas Bess writes in The Wayward Monk: Semenal Gnosis: Samael Aun Weor’s Sex Cult [7]: “Perhaps the most publicly-accessible group that claims to offer ‘Gnostic’ teachings in the United States is known variously as The Universal Gnostic Association (or as the Universal Gnostic Movement, the Gnostic Institute of Anthropology, etc.) founded by Samael Aun Weor. There are several offshoots or branches of Aun Weor’s movement (he died in 1977), but an internet search under the topic ‘Gnostic’ or ‘Gnostic School’ or ‘Gnostic Group’ will most likely lead one to a group affiliated in some way with Aun Weor’s writings and teachings. Generally speaking, groups that teach that the vast majority of human beings are not only lost, but under evil influence, are as close to the definition of “cult” as one can get. When one adds the focus of the group on controlling human sexual behavior as the penultimate means of achieving enlightenment, and realizes that such absolutist control over sexual behavior is a hallmark of authoritarian movements (such as cults), it is easy to see why the group has drawn such strong criticism from former members and family members of those who have joined many of the Aun Weor groups. And this is the sense in which Aun Weor’s groups take on the form of negative religion – they attempt to control people by manipulating their sexual behavior, and basing their separation from the rest of humanity on these teachings regarding sexuality.”

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